Political Economy of Water Supply in Khulna City Understanding the Regime of Rampant Groundwater Extraction

Working Paper Author(S): Sajjad Zohir, Md. Salauddin Published by: Economic Research Group (ERG) This study uses analytical, operational, extensive literature and iterative process to solve three main objectives. (i) the growth of groundwater-dependent water supply regime and political economic factor have led to current condition. (ii) understand the current state of groundwater-dependent regime in KCC area. (iii) identify stakeholders (public or private) of every supply chain and where they stand...

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Investment Climate in Bangladesh: Enhanced Role of the Capital Market

Working Paper Author(s): Prashanta K.Banerjee Md. Mohiuddin Siddique Published by: Economic Research Group (ERG)  The study has four primary objectives, (i) find out the limitation of bank based financing system of Bangladesh. (i) inspect current financial sector based on an organized capital market. (iii) analyze limitations and examine opportunities in the capital market consisting of both equity and debt markets. (IV) a framework to build a sustainable capital market with...

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