Economics in Search of a Moral Philosophy

Working Paper Author: Wahiduddin Mahmud January 2021 The purpose of this essay is to review the state of economics as a discipline in light of how and to what extent ethical considerations and the precepts of moral philosophy affect the theory and application of economics. In its pursuit for purely ‘objective’ analyses and, thereby, attain the status of a science, modern neo-classical economics is constrained by self-imposed limitations in making...

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Political Economy of Water Supply in Khulna City Understanding the Regime of Rampant Groundwater Extraction

Working Paper Author(S): Sajjad Zohir, Md. Salauddin Published by: Economic Research Group (ERG) This study uses analytical, operational, extensive literature and iterative process to solve three main objectives. (i) the growth of groundwater-dependent water supply regime and political economic factor have led to current condition. (ii) understand the current state of groundwater-dependent regime in KCC area. (iii) identify stakeholders (public or private) of every supply chain and where they stand...

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