Training Need Assessment for the Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation Eco-System Development (DEIEDP)

Economic Research Group has recently completed a study titled Human Resource Development for Scaling up IT/ITES Firms, and Leveraging Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovations-An Assessment of Training Needs“.

The overarching objective of this study was to recommend ways to scale up IT/ITES firms and leverage digital entrepreneurship and startups through skill development. To address this issue, the study reviewed the growth models of IT/ITES firms to highlight the role of skill development to scale up those firms. The report draws lessons from several IT/ITES success stories from Asia Pacific regions and discusses the opportunities and challenges to scaling up Bangladesh’s IT/ITES sector through skill development.

The study found that certificate-based stand-alone trainings are far less effective than other channels for scaling up the IT/ITES industry. In terms of efficacy and sustainability, university-industry partnerships appeared to be the most effective channel. Furthermore, the study recommended that three notable areas should be explored in terms of skill development for scaling up the IT/ITES industry.

These are skills for (i) developing and trading intellectual assets, (ii) expanding footprint in the global semiconductor value chain, and (iii) transforming economic and public sectors through 4IR technology possibilities.