Exclusion and Initiatives to ‘Include’: Revisiting Basic Economics to Guide Development Practice

Exclusion and Initiatives to ‘Include’: Revisiting Basic Economics to Guide Development Practice Chapter 3 Sajjad Zohir Literature on the ‘economics of exclusion’ typically addresses competition and the anti-trust laws of developed economies, not the ‘exclusion’ that development practitioners are concerned about. When economists do engage in the discourse on exclusion in development, they typically deal with poverty and deprivation without always applying the basic analytical tools available in economics (Sen...

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Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREM)

Research Team: A.K. Enamul Haque, Mr. Sakib Mahmud,Ms. Sonia Aftab, Mr. Wahid Abdallah, Mr. Luke Brander, Priya Syamsunder, Roy Brouwe Sponsored By: Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam This report intends to set out a framework for government projects which are undertaken to protect land from floodplain through construction of dykes or embankments. Construction of these have caused multiple repercussions which are mostly long term impacts making it difficult to make...

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Improving Labour Law Compliance and Building Sound Labour Practices in the Export Oriented Shrimp Sector in Bangladesh

Lead Researcher: Mohammed Helal Uddin Sponsored By: International Labour Organization (ILO) This study conducts a comprehensive action-oriented survey of the shrimp production supply chain. This includes a comprehensive enterprise mapping and analysis of labor practices in the shrimp supply chain. OSH risks are also assessed in this study.

The Agricultural Value Chain Survey

Lead Researcher: Mohammed Helal Uddin Sponsored by: The World Bank   The study will collect micro data on agriculture value chains that will allow in depth analyses of constraints and bottlenecks faced by different agents at different layers of the marketing chain.

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