Implementation of Policies for Reducing Chronic Poverty (PRS) Country Study: Bangladesh

Research Team: Sajjad Zohir, Abantee Harun, Naser Farid & Iftekharul Huq Sponsored by: Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London The background paper prepared for Second Chronic Poverty Report 2007/08, CPRC, has been submitted to the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London. The paper looks into the problems of implementing pro-poor (particularly, chronic poor) policies in Bangladesh.

Assessing Macro Impacts of Community-Based Fishery Management (CBFM) in the Inland Open Water Fishery Sector An Analytical Exercise with Projections

Research Team: Sajjad Zohir, Salma Begum, Kazi Sabbir Ahmed. Sponsored by: WorldFish Center The study estimates a reduced form supply function (of inland capture fishery) using CBFM monitoring data; and uses regression estimates and parameter estimates from secondary sources to generate a ten-year (2006-2015) projection of capture fish production. Various alternative scenarios are defined in terms of changes in relative price of fish to non-fish food items, gear usage, size of water...

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