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Sustainability and Financing of Water Management: Operations & Maintenance in Coastal Polders

Sajjad Zohir In association with M.A. Sattar Mandal, Nityananda Chakravorty and Mutasim Billah Mubde   Abstract: Historically, large investments, once resources are mobilized, is less of a concern than the difficulties faced in ensuring operation and maintenance (O&M). The adverse implications of poor O&M, of coastal embankments and the smaller infrastructures inside the catchment areas, are very significant. This paper focuses on coastal Polders and identifies the prerequisites for sustainable...

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A Framework to Assess Digital Transformation in a Technologically Less-Developed Country: Challenges and Opportunities in Bangladesh

Sajjad Zohir |   Abstract The journey towards a ‘digital world’, is often perceived in terms of three sequentially linked ‘phases’, digitization, digitalization and digital transformation. This paper considers digitalization as the process that transforms an analog world into a digital world. Subsequently, attempt is made to understand it’s dynamics in a technologically less developed country (TLDC). Two important departures from the dominant stands in the literature were made in...

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সম্পদ কর: জানা কথার পুনরাবৃত্তি (প্রথম পর্ব)

বণিক বার্তা | পর্যালোচনা | মে ০৩, ২০২৩ | ড. সাজ্জাদ জহির | বেশ কিছুদিন ধরে সম্পদের ওপর কর ও সারচার্জ বা অতিরিক্ত মাশুলের আলোচনায় আমি কিছুটা বিভ্রান্ত। কয়েকটি জাতীয় দৈনিক পত্রিকার লেখা পড়ে মনে হলো যে নির্দিষ্ট সাংবাদিক সারচার্জকে সম্পদ কর ভেবে সম্পদ কর বাড়ানোর আবেদন করছেন। ২০২২ সালের ইংরেজি-বাংলা বেশ কয়েকটি পত্রিকায় আরো বলা হয় যে আয় ও সম্পদের বৈষম্য দূর করার লক্ষ্যে এ কর বৃদ্ধি জরুরি। ২০২৩...

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ERG Annual Winter Conference 2022

ERG Winter Conference 2022 ERG Winter Conference Organized by Economic Research Group (ERG) Date: Monday, December 26, 2022 Venue: Arcade Delight, 4-B, House # 121, Road # 1, Block # F, Banani, Dhaka –1213, Bangladesh   Program:     Registration & Morning Tea  (09:00 – 09:30) Session 1:  Labor market and inequality (09:30 – 10:45) 09:30 – 10:00 Moniruzzaman, PhD candidate, University of Melbourne, “Women’s labor market opportunity and son...

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Leveraging University Ranking Race

M. Rokonuzzaman | The Financial Express | November 01, 2022 In the recently released World University Ranking of Times Higher Education, Bangladesh and five African countries have been cheering for inclusion of their universities. Among the top 25, 18 universities are from the USA. Despite such a success, why is the USA concerned with the risk of sustaining economic prosperity and technological edge? Although Canadians are happy upon seeing the...

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