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Economics of Rice Residue Burning in the South-West region of Bangladesh

Lead Researcher: Mohammed Ziaul Haider Sponsored by: South Asian Network For Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) The study advocates the short term benefit of rise residue burning for the farmers, despire the fact that it produces carbon emission and burning rise fields adds little or no value to social welfare. This study develops a strategy to manage crop residue for the farmers because using rise residue in household activities like cooking adds...

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What to expect from the upcoming budget

Wahiduddin Mahmud, The Daily Star, Published: May 28, 2017 The upcoming budget for 2017-18 will cover the last full financial year before the general elections. There will inevitably be some elements of populism, which is not always bad since political incentives sometimes coincide with genuine public interests; but this budget also provides a chance for the government to be seen to consolidate the economic achievements that are claimed to have...

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Rethinking the modus operandi of SME programmes

Anika Anjum The Financial Express, Published: February 25, 2017 The term “Small Enterprise Financing” appeared in Bangladesh’s literature as early as 2003, coinciding with the introduction of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the business and financial spheres. Bangladesh Bank (BB) introduced SME credit policies and programmes in 2008-09 involving bank and non-bank financial institutions. The definition of an SME varies extensively. In the financial domain, an SME is the...

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