Programs and Approaches for the Excluded

Research Team: Sajjad Zohir, Mehnaz Rabbani, Biva Arani Mallik, Iftekharul Huq, Raisa Afsana
Sponsored By: Brac’s Research & Evaluation Division

The study had focused on four different kinds of exclusion that surface in economic exchanges mediated through markets, one of which was: Exclusion of potential consumers from the (output) market of goods and services, which has received great deal of attention in the context of safety net programs in developing countries. The services may constitute direct consumables (e.g., relief food) or investment on human capital (e.g., education and health) having long term implication for livelihood.


Exclusion and Poverty: an analytical approach for understanding exclusion and  assessing programs targeting the very poor in Bangladesh

Author: Sajjad Zohir