ERG Annual Winter Conference 2015

Organised by: Economic Research Group (ERG) in association with AEDSB
Venue: Economic Research Group (ERG) Conference Room
Date: December 26, 2015

The 5th winter conference was jointly hosted by Economic Research Group (ERG) in collaboration of Association of Economic and Development Studies for Bangladesh (AEDSB). The event was segmented in to multiple sessions discussing different economic aspects where researchers presented their work accordingly. The sessions included applied micro, money and banking, field experience and micro theory.

Papers presented in the Conference:

Shyamal Chowdhury (University of Sydney)
Does arsenic in drinking water affect cognitive ability of children? Evidence from a quasi-random experiment

Yuya Kudo (JETRO), Abu Parves Shonchoy (JETRO), Kazushi Takahashi (JETRO)
Can Solar Lanterns Improve Youth Academic Performance? Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh

Amzad Hossain (University of Dhaka), M Abdul Malek (BRAC, RED),Atonu Rabbani (University of Dhaka)
Credit Access and Farm Behavior: Findings from a Randomized Experiment in Bangladesh

M. Muzahidul Anam Khan (Northsouth University), A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman (Northsouth University)
Interaction Between Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Stabilization Policy in Bangladesh: A Joint Analysis Using SVAR Model

Ahsanuzzaman (Northsouth University)
Communications, Attitudes toward Uncertainty and Agricultural Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh

Hassan Benchekroun (McGill University), Jim Engle-Warnick (McGill University and CIRANO), Dina Tasneem (American University at Sharjah)
An Experimental Study of a Common Property Renewable Resource Game in Continuous Time

Urmee Khan (UC Riverside), Maxwell B. Stinchcombe (UT Austin)
Patient, Perfectly Pareto Preferences: Programming and The Precautionary Principle

Nageeb Ali (Penn State University)
Ostracism and Forgiveness