Coping with the Pandemic: ERG follow-up study on non-IT Firms

Prepared by: Sarah Muniyat & Mutasim Billah Mubde

Economic Research Group had administered a survey on 106 firms in May 2020 to investigate the impact of Covid-19 and associated mitigation strategies on businesses, in four domains – work orientation, adverse market conditions, rental contract renegotiation and employee contract renegotiation. A month later, in June 2020, two follow-up surveys were conducted. This paper presents findings from a matched sample of 63 non-IT firms. Enterprises are grouped into 4: i) RMG and Textiles, Leather, Non-leather Footwear and Fashion industries; ii) Chemical Products, Light engineering and metal works, Electrical & Electronic goods, and Plastics; iii) Agribusiness, Health, and Food & Beverages; and iv) Other sectors with varied activities and small sample sizes.


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