ERG Annual Summer Conference 2019

5th Summer Conference on Economic Research

Organized by Economic Research Group (ERG)
Date: July 20, 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: ERG Conference Room
 House # 304, Road # 19 B, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206


09:30-10:00      Registration & Morning Tea

09:55-10:00      Introduction & Logistics

Session 1:

10:00-10:30      Nazrina Haque (Brac University). Does Technological Investment Have an Impact on Outward Foreign Direct Investment?-A Microeconometric Analysis on Indian Manufacturing Firms Download Abstract   Presentation

10:30-11:00     Umama Rahman (North-South University, with others at Tennessee University). Determining the Factors and Role of Renewable Policies Affecting US Wood Pellet Export- A Gravity Model Approach Download Abstract Presentation

11:00-11:30      Discussion on Choice of Subjects by Bangladeshi students in graduate schools

Session 2:

11:30-12:00      Ishrar Tabenda Hasan, Asad Karim Khan Priyo and Ummaha Tul Hazra (North-South University) Social Perceptions on Low-Income Women Driving CNG-Auto-Rickshaws as an Empowerment Tool Download Abstract Presentation

12:00-12:30     Azraf Ahmad, Shirleen Manzur and Matheus T. Bandeira (Simon Fraser University) Light Whose Fire [?]: The Gendered Impacts of Air Pollution on Labor Supply Presentation

12:30-13:00    Discussion on inter-disciplinary gender studies

13:00-14:30      Lunch & Catching up

Session 3:

14:30-15:00     Sakib AMIN, Tooraj JAMASB, Manuel LLORCA, Laura MARSILIANI and Thomas Renstrom (North-South University) Captive Power Generation, Grid Connectivity, and Household Welfare in Bangladesh Download Abstract Presentation

15:00-15:30     Alexander Henke (Howard University), Fahad Khalil (University of Washington), Jacques Lawarree (UW). Honest Agents in a Corrupt Equilibrium. Presentation

15:30-16:00     Last Words & Feedbacks

16:00                Afternoon Snacks & More Adda