ERG Annual Summer Conference 2018

Organised by: Economic Research Group (ERG)
Venue: Economic Research Group (ERG) Conference Room
Date: July 07, 2018

Papers presented in the Conference:

“Public Programs and Remittances Influence on Private Storm-Protection Actions: Is Crowding Out Effect Most Likely Outcome?”
Sakib Mahmud
(University of Wisconsin-Superior), Gazi Hassan (University of Waikato). >>
Download Full Paper >>  Presentation

“The (Mis) Allocation of Public Spending in a Low Income Country: Evidence from Disaster Risk Reduction Spending in Bangladesh”
Azreen Karim (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies), Ilan Noy (Victoria University of Wellington). >>Download  Full Paper >> Presentation

“Waste-based Power Generation Supply Chain of Pabna City, Bangladesh: An Approach of Game Theory”
Md. Hafiz Iqbal
(Government Edward College), Md. Anowarul Awal Khan (Ministry of Education). >>
Download  Full Paper >> Presentation

“Understanding the Stock Market Investment Decisions of Bangladeshi Investors: A Thematic Content Analysis Approach”
Ashiqul Haq Chowdhury (Carleton University), Asad Karim Khan Priyo (North South University). >>Download  Full Paper >> Presentation

“Issues Related to Livestock Returns in Bangladesh”
Wahid Ferdous Ibon
, Kazi Iqbal, Kazi Ali Toufique (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies). >>Download  Full Paper >> Presentation

“The Effect of Technical and Non-technical Aid on the Economic Growth of Bangladesh and other Developing Countries”
Mahmood Reaz
(Hifab International AB). >>Download   Full Paper >>  Presentation

“An Analysis on the Link between Education and First Demographic Dividend of Bangladesh”
Shahidul Islam (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies). >>Download  Full Paper >>  Presentation

“Darwinian Effect on Firms’ Export Decision”
Rushde Elahi Akbar, Samiul Haque (North South University). >>Download   Full Paper >> Presentation

“Measuring Group Selection Effects on Attitudes toward Uncertainty: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh”
Ahsanuzzaman (University of Delaware), Asad Karim Khan Priyo
, Kanti Ananta Nuzhat (North South University). >>Download   Full Paper >> Presentation

“Brief Remarks on Cooperation and Conflict in the Bay”
Sajjad Zohir
(Economic Research Group)