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Youth Forum

Note to Contributors

As a part of Economic Research Group’s (ERG) continuous efforts to initiate and enhance interaction among the young minds of this time, ERG has added this new forum on its website under the name of Youth Forum. The purpose of this forum is to enable all the young people, concerned about the national and global economy, to post and share their views with others.

The posts are expected to be analytical and may be short or long, completely at the discretion of the authors. However, a write-up of 1 to 2 pages may be considered standard. The subjects of the posts can range from analytical views on theoretical, historical or contemporary economic and development issues to reviews or analytical comments on others’ writings.

To contribute your paper on the forum, please click ‘Submit Paper’, fill out the form and upload your file (MS Word Document or PDF format only). You can also mail your write up directly to info@ergonline.org with ‘Youth Forum Contribution’ as the subject of your mail. Your write-up should include a title, your name and your current academic or professional status. To post comments on any topic, click ‘Submit Comments’ under ‘Submit’ section of the forum’s home page.

To ensure a minimum quality of the write-ups, all submissions including comments will be leniently examined by relevant experts before they are finally posted on the website.


Date of Posting

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