Survey Methods and Data Analysis – Illustrations with HIES

Organized by Economic Research Group and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)
Period: 24 July to 30 July, 2010.

Course Coordinator: 
Sajjad Zohir, Research Director, ERG

Short Description: 
The course took the participants through various stages of the Household Income Expenditure Survey (HIES) that the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) administers periodically. In the process, the participants were introduced to purposes of undertaking HIES; study design that includes sampling units, sampling frame and choice of samples; design of questionnaires; inputting of data and formats for data inputting; introduction to statistical packages; various concepts around basic statistics to be estimated from HIES data; and introductory analyses of HIES data to estimate those statistics, including various measures of poverty.

Course Instructors/Resource Persons:
Zahidul Hoque Sardar, BBS
Binayak Sen, BIDS
Tahidul Islam, BBS Shamsul Alam, BBS
Faizuddin Ahmed, the World Bank
Anik Ashraf, ERG

Participants: 24 persons From: Unnayan Onneshan, Economic Research Group, CPD, Bangladesh Bank, University of Dhaka, BIBM, BRAC, Simon Fraser University, Brac Development Institute, BIDS, BRAC-RED, InM and PKSF.