Research Methodology Workshop on Investment Climate Issues

Organized by ERG under IFC-BIFC Small Grants Program, funded by IFC and BICF
Period: 5 March to 9 March, 2009.

Course coordinator:
A.K. Enamul Haque

Short Description:
This workshop was a 5 days long research methodology workshop on investment climate issues funded by IFC and Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund under IFC-BIFC Small Grants Program. IN total 17 lectures were given in 5 days plus one general intro session and two presentation session by the participants. A total of 20 participants were attended. Participants from different strata a) round 1 researchers, b) nominee from APP participating universities, c) IFC nominee (from chambers and others and d) new researchers.

Course Instructors/Resource Persons:

Wahiduddin Mahmud
Sajjad Zohir
Anis Chowdhury
A.K. Enamul Haque

Participants: 12 presentations after prior reviews of 40+ submissions from: Unnayan Onneshan, Economic Research Group, CPD, Bangladesh Bank, University of Dhaka