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Occasional Papers & Working Papers
Monitoring Donor Support to Poverty Reduction Strategy in Bangladesh
Rethinking the Rules of Engagement

ERG Occasional Paper
Wahiduddin Mahmud

Exclusion and Poverty: An  Analytical Approach for Understanding Exclusion and Assessing Programmes Targeting the Very Poor in Bangladesh,
Working Paper, published jointly by ERG and BRAC, April 2008.
by: Sajjad Zohir, Mehnaz Rabbani, Biva Arani Mallik, Iftekharul Huq, Raisa Afsana
Implementation of Policies for Reducing Chronic Poverty: PRS Country Study on Bangladesh
CPRC Background Paper, June 2007.
by: Sajjad Zohir, Abantee Harun, Naser Farid, and Iftekharul Huq
Journal Articles from ERG Research
PREM papers - by Enam and others