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Contemporary Issues

Note to Contributors

Economic Research Group initially introduced this section to post contributions from members on contemporary issues. Relevance of the subject and its importance in broader economic and social context was considered critical in making the choice. We have made it open for others as well. The posts are expected to be analytical and may be short or long, completely at the discretion of the authors. Please discuss on the format in case you choose to send your article in Bangla.

To contribute your paper on this section, please click ‘Submit Paper’, fill out the form and upload your file (MS Word Document or PDF format only). You can also mail your write up directly to info@ergonline.org with ‘Contemporary Issues’ as the subject of your mail. Your write-up should include a title, your name and your current academic or professional status. You can also post short comments on any topic just by clicking ‘Submit Comment’ under ‘Submit’ section.

To ensure a minimum quality of the write-ups, all submissions including comments will be examined and edited (if required) by relevant experts before they are finally posted on the website.

Contemporary Issues

Date Posted

An ex ante assessment of property/wealth tax in Bangladesh
Sajjad Zohir, M Rahman, A. Kamal, A Ashraf and N Ahmed 
Minimum Wage in RMG Sector
(Bangla) Mohammed Helal Uddin
Agriculture after 40 years and looking at the 50th year
(Bangla) A.K. Enamul Haque
January, 2011  
Red wells or green wells and does it matter? Examining households use of arsenic contaminated water in Bangladesh  
A.K. Enamul Haque Z.H. Khan, M. Nepal, and P. Shyamsundar  
Journey towards the elusive poverty reduction
Sajjad Zohir
January, 2011  
MFI Interest Rates and Policy Reform for better Governance (Bangla)
Sajjad Zohir
7 Nov., 2010  
Rethinking Tax Collection Strategy
Sajjad Zohir
28 May., 2010  
On Tax Collection Policy - revisiting relation between government, revenue administration and taxpayers (Bangla)
Sajjad Zohir
2 May., 2010  
Solar Energy - Initiative of Bangladesh bank  
A.K. Enamul Haque  
Assessment of Climate Change on Development Projects of Bangladesh  
A.K. Enamul Haque  
22 April, 2010  
Rice prices and Election Commitment (Bangla) -  Wahiduddin Mahmud   February, 2010  
Regional Disparity and Divisive Regionalism (Bangla) -  Sajjad Zohir   10 Jan, 2010  
Bangladesh Bank Credit to Tenant Farmers through Brac - an early assessment (Bangla) -  Sajjad Zohir   9 Sept, 2009  
Chronology of Recessions and Non-productive sector (Bangla) -  
A.K. Enamul Haque  
Living with Disasters (published on The Daily Star, 19 May 2009) By A.K. Enamul Haque   View Comments
Discussion on Bangladesh Economy (view exchanges following the ERG meeting on 30th March 2008)   View Comments
Volatile Rice Market and Neglected  'Economics'  (Bangla) -  A.K. Enamul Haque   View Comments
Managing Food Security to Sustain Political Transition - Sajjad Zohir -


View Comments
Market dynamics and price behaviour M. A. Taslim-   View Comments
Inflation: Where and Why (in Bangla)  - A.K. Enamul Haque-


View Comments
Oil Price Increase: Assessment of Impacts and Policy Recommendations
A.K. Enamul Haque & Sajjad Zohir -


View Comments
Proposed Investment by Tata Group in Bangladesh: Professor Wahiduddin Mahmud 12/03/2006 View Comments
Reaching the Extreme Poor: challenges, constraints and opportunities -Sajjad Zohir 12/03/2006 View Comments
Oil Price Increase: assessment of impacts and policy recommendations
A.K. Enamul Haque and Sajjad Zohir
24/04/2007 View Comments
Market Syndicate vs Market Mechanism : an Analysis to Combat Price Rise - AK A.K. Enamul Haque 02/07/07 View Comments