An ex ante Assessment of Property/Wealth Tax in Bangladesh

Research Team: Sajjad Zohir, Motiar Rahman, Mohammad Arefin Kamal, Anik Ashraf, Nabil Ahmed Sponsored By: London School of Economics and Political Science/IGC-Bangladesh Growth Research Program (BGRP) It reviewed practices in several countries and summarized the state of information available to authorities for assessing property/wealth tax. Furthermore, the study evaluated the likely impact of imposing property tax in Bangladesh. Beside analytical review, the study included a survey of properties in Dhaka covering 2000...

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A Decision Support Tool for Government Engagements in Market for Essentials – the case of Food grains in Bangladesh

Lead Researcher: Sajjad Zohir Sponsored By: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) The report conceptualizes a framework for the government to have guidance on markets for essentials (cereals, edible oil, sugar and rice) where the government is obligated to make sure that that the citizens have sufficient access to those essentials with price stability. The study formulates a decision support tool that will provide guidance to take effective decisions based on...

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