Research Completed

A Political Economy Study of the WASH Sector in Bangladesh

Research Team: Sajjad Zohir, Umama Rahman Sponsored by: WaterAid Bangladesh This section of the study on WASH reviews selected parts of the burgeoning literature with a view to contextualize the focus of the ERG study and the approach it adopts. Two key questions are at the center...

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Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREM)

Research Team: A.K. Enamul Haque, Mr. Sakib Mahmud,Ms. Sonia Aftab, Mr. Wahid Abdallah, Mr. Luke Brander, Priya Syamsunder, Roy Brouwe Sponsored By: Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam This report intends to set out a framework for government projects which are undertaken to protect land from...

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The Agricultural Value Chain Survey

Lead Researcher: Mohammed Helal Uddin Sponsored by: The World Bank   The study will collect micro data on agriculture value chains that will allow in depth analyses of constraints and bottlenecks faced by different agents at different layers of the marketing chain.

Estimating & Mapping of Poverty and Undernutrition in Bangladesh

Lead Researcher: Sajjad Zohir Sponsored by: The World Food Programme (WFP) The report builds perception based on the responses of selected group of locals from the selected districts. The key objective of the study is to measure relative prevalence of poverty at upazila level in multiple districts...

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Macro Modeling to assess impacts of oil price

Lead Researcher: A.K. Enamul Haque Sponsored by: REP, UNDP, Bangkok The study was conducted with a view to provide supports to a UNDP (Bangkok) initiative, a team of ERG member and associates worked on a macro model. Impact of World Oil Price Rise on the Economy of...

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Analytical Study on Companies Act Reform and Informal Businesses in Bangladesh

Research Team: Sajjad Zohir, Adeeb Choudhury Sponsored By: The Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (BICF) The specific aim of the exercise is to understand how some of the provisions in the current Act and their enforcement deter ‘informal’ enterprises/businesses from registering; and what the perceptions of entrepreneurs are...

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