Assessing Macro Impacts of Community-Based Fishery Management (CBFM) in the Inland Open Water Fishery Sector An Analytical Exercise with Projections

Research Team: Sajjad Zohir, Salma Begum, Kazi Sabbir Ahmed.
Sponsored by: WorldFish Center

The study estimates a reduced form supply function (of inland capture fishery) using CBFM monitoring data; and uses regression estimates and parameter estimates from secondary sources to generate a ten-year (2006-2015) projection of capture fish production. Various alternative scenarios are defined in terms of changes in relative price of fish to non-fish food items, gear usage, size of water bodies as well as scale of operation of CBFM practices. Changes in the contribution of the fishery sector in GDP, and economy-wide impacts in the forms of national output, factor payments and household expenditure as well as changes in poverty situations are also projected under alternative scenarios. The paper summarizes the methods and presents the results of projection and its implications within the broader national context.